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CO Domain FAQ

Why does this website?
So you can discover and register a domain name which best suit your individual or business needs.

What is a domain name?
A domain name is the technical term for a web address, it’s what you type in the address bar on top of your internet browser when you want to reach a business or website online. (e.g.

What’s a .CO domain name?

  • When it comes to your specific usage of a .CO name, you can utilize the acronym to mean anything from ‘Community’, ‘Commerce’, ‘Corporation’, or it’s globally recognized acronym ‘Company’. .CO is easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use.
  • It’s a new domain extension that offers a truly global and credible name for you to launch or expand your business and branding opportunities online.

What metrics make these domains valuable?

  • Brandable, your visitors will immediately recognize the authority behind a great name.
  • ‘Exact Match Domains’ for search engine optimization(SEO)
  • Length, short name generics are a rare commodity.
  • Memorable, help your visitors easily remember your web address.
  • One of a kind, no one in the world can own your domain. It’s yours to keep for as long as you wish to own it.

Who can register a .CO domain?
Any person or business in the world can register .co domain names.. Because .CO is a uniquely recognizable domain name extension this choice was made by governing bodies of internet names. There are no domicile or lengthy documentation processes. Once past the incubation period, domains are available for immediate transfer. All domains listed for purchase on this website are available to you at this very moment.

Can I reach my customers globally with these domains?
Yes. They’re all globally recognized for SEO (
With respect to search engine optimization, Google confirmed that “it will rank .co domains appropriately if the content is globally targeted” – Every domain you see is an ‘exact match domain‘!

What makes .CO a unique opportunity?
The key advantage of owning a .CO lies in brand power. Proper branding is a matter of interest to any business which values being recognized in the mind of the consumer. The internet has seen explosive growth year after year, the result of this is that more people have to settle for a name that doesn’t fit their distinctive needs. I aim to fulfill your individual demand by matching you up with a name that will be unrivaled among competitors. The .CO name space itself is managed by trust worthy industry leaders, built on a long and proven track record of excellent operational performance, technological experience, and world-class customer service. A skilled mix of leading marketing, PR and communications strategists are employed to promote the .CO brand worldwide through targeted initiatives.

How do search engines treat .CO Domains?
.CO is also the ccTLD of Colombia (country code Top Level Domain – a short). This in no way affects your ability to use your domain with English/International content or services. More precisely, Google announced in July of 2010 that .CO domains would have the same geo-targeting options available as other top generic domains (.com, .net, .org). These are indexing standards which are subject to the will of Google, check with individual providers if search engine rankings are your primary concern. If you plan to use your .CO domain in advertising, it doesn’t matter how search engines treat your domain because people will type it in manually.

What are Google Analytics?
In regards to domain research, Google analytics is the application of  statistics and data to make optimal decisions when purchasing domains. Google has a research tool, available here, which shows you how many people a month search for a specific word (commonly referred to as a ‘keyword’ in the context of search engines).

What can Google tools & analytics data tell me about a .CO name?
The data that you can collect from Google tools is very useful in understanding your potential market. Google tools lets you research any keyword you can imagine for free. It can provide trends, estimated exact, broad & phrase search volume per month, related keywords, advertising competition and lots more.

What’s exact and broad match search volume?
You’ll notice on each domains page there’s a section called “Google Analytics : Keyword Searches/Month”. Exact match notes how many people(using Google globally) search for your exact domain name keyword exclusively(per month). Broad search volume indicate how many people use the keyword in similar phrases or relevant variations in their search terms(again, per month). The more people searching for your keyword, the greater the potential for search engine traffic. In order to attract your share of the search engine traffic, you will first have to rank your web page on that search engine!

Note: All domain keyword search volume is current as of November 2011.

What will it take to monetize?
SEO specialists, domain investors, or business owners would fare a lot better than anyone else with these domains.

  • The SEO specialist would build article/video/picture content for each domain.
  • The domain investor would analyze the metrics and buy these to hold onto them while they appeciate in value.
  • The business owner would bring his business to the next level with a perfect domain to suite his niche.

How will this be sold?
Before any sale is finalized – It’s important to establish trust on both ends. I have several references as to my authenticity that will be made available to the most interested parties. Among these are friends within the industry that have a strong reputation at stake. Proof of original keyword research, purchase and domain ownership will be made available as well.

How can I reach you?
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, corporation, organization, enthusiast or passerby – I will answer any questions you may have. Any message sent will receive a prompt reply.


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